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Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists is proud to serve our clients in both Sugar Land and Katy. Sitting a mere 20 minutes south of our Katy office, our Sugar Land office is conveniently located directly off highway 59/Sweetwater Blvd in the Physicians Pavilion Urgent Care building. For more information, please click below.

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We are committed to listening to our patients and providing the most comprehensive treatment options for your unique condition. Learn more about how we help you return to normal activities with confidence.

Hundreds of ailments have been reported to the foot and ankle complex, with many more likely to be reported in future years.

Some stem from hereditary/genetic factors, though the overwhelming majority arise from the cumulative effects of normal wear and tear. Most issues respond well to conservative management, with a select few requiring eventual surgical intervention. When necessary, surgical intervention is treated as a last resort after all reasonable conservative options are exhausted.

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