What is Team TXFAS

Team TXFAS Katy is a running ambassador program designed to locally promote Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists and Good Times Running Company. Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists is a patient-oriented foot and ankle specialty clinic located in Katy, TX. Good Times Running Company is an amazing local running store also located in Katy, TX. Both are passionate about our local running community and love to support our local runners! Team TXFAS Katy is looking for enthusiastic local athletes to promote us to the local running community while training and racing.

Joy Koblenzer

Running Ambassador

started running at 14 with my dad. At first it was just because I wanted to spend extra time with him, and in doing so I realized I REALLY liked running. Fast forward almost forty years later and I am still going! I have run 5ks to a marathon…I’ve done marathons as a relay team and a 200 mile team race over two days out of a van - twice! But my favorite distance is the half marathon. Six days a week I start my day with a run - either on my own or with friends. In addition to the many health benefits, through running I have developed some wonderful friendships with people I may not have otherwise have met and for that I am so thankful.

Jenny Woolen

Jenny is a back of the pack runner who enjoys running in nature and with friends. Jenny has been an avid runner her whole life! She is a wife, bonus mom, and a dog mom. Her motto in life is to spread joy and kindness.

Kalyn King

Hey! I’m Kalyn, I’m about to enter my 30s and have been active *most* of my life. When we moved to Katy in 2016 I fell out of love with all things related to fitness, it wasn’t until discovering triathlon in 2018 and starting training in 2019 that helped me rekindle my love for fitness. Currently training for my first official 70.3! I love running and being outdoors and on the trails with my dogs! One of my favorite quotes is “Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”

Brittany Moreno

Hello, I'm Brittany Moreno. I'm 34 and work as a police officer for the City of Sugar Land. I love running, cycling, swimming, horseback riding and lifting weights. I do enjoy other things too like shopping for running shoes LOL, movies and reading. My favorite food is Pizza! My Mantra: "All it takes is all you've got. Cant stop wont stop!"

Kate Clark

I have run fast. I have run slow. I have run short. I have run far. I have run trails. I have run streets. I have run mountains. I have run valleys. I have run in sub-freezing temps and 100+ degrees. You name it, and I have probably run it and have LOVED it all. I am so thankful for the gift of running. Every step is a blessing for the body, mind, and soul.

Carrie Calkins

I am a native Kentuckian, married, mother of two teenage boys. I am a "late bloomer" to running. I didn't start running until I was 36 and haven't stopped running since! I am a social runner who loves to catchup with friends on Saturday long runs. I have completed numerous 5ks, 10ks, at least a dozen half marathons, 3 marathons, and most recently a 50k. Happy to be representing Team TXFAS and Good Times Running Company!

Linda Corbin

Hi, I’m Linda Corbin and I have three passions in my life. The first is my amazing family - husband, 3 children, and an adorable black lab - all of whom are runners! We have been running and competing in running events as a family since 2008. Another passion of mine is literacy education - I’ve been an educator for over 20 years and love making an impact in our Katy community in this way! My third passion is running. I enjoy the challenge of training for a marathon - or any race length - participating in races, and running with friends!

Carla Holycross

I am a wife, mom to two boys, teacher, runner, and triathlete. I have fallen in love with trail running and triathlon in the last few years.

Steve Tise

Steve Tise Runners Bio: Like most of Us I started out by Playing Sports. I Played Soccer starting in the 5th grade. Soccer finally made to the High School and my Freshman year I tried out. During this time I played full back and was then moved up to Left FORWARD, speed is what I had (when I was much younger). I tried out for the University team, but didn't make the cut. It wasn't until 2007 when I started training for my first Marathon, the 2008 Houston Marathon. Since then I have completed 5 Marathons from Houston (3 times) Chicago Marathon, and the Super Marathon outside of Seattle Washington. I've completed several half marathons, as well as several , 5k, IOK, 25k and 50K after the 2008 Marathon I STARTED getting into Triatholns and have Completed Seveal Sprint and Olympia Distances. During this time I started doing trail races which are so much fun. Trail running is more technical and I really enjoy them. . . • • • To mix it up I completed six MS 150 bike races between Houston And Austin. When I feel stressed or anxious I go for a run. It lets me clear my mind and it helps just being out there by myself.

Derek Giese

Gaelen Tracy

Les Robberson

Darwin Williamson

Gordon Christie

Shelly Nathan

Tanya Bylington

Dee Dee Lincoln

Dawnelle Hilliard

Janet Davila

Rosa Christie

Teresa Ngo

Julie Nguyen

Love running? Love your community? Want to support your favorite local running store? Want entry fee assistance for races?

Team TXFAS Katy, a running ambassador program jointly administered by Texas Foot and Ankle Specialists and Good Times Running Company is looking for local ambassadors with a strong presence in the running community to participate in our running ambassador program!!

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