Foot Pain & Fatigue

Contrary to the popularly held notion, foot pain is in fact not normal. Pain is the regulatory function our body uses to let us know that something is not right. When there is pain, there is usually something wrong. Though it’d be nice to be able to list an area in the foot and ankle someone is feeling pain and provide a diagnosis, the foot and ankle is unfortunately not that simple.

There are around 26 bones crammed into the human foot, as well as countless ligaments, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels traversing the entire complex. Foot pain or fatigue may seem generalized in nature, but there’s likely a specific structure that is generating the pain. Given the complexity of the foot and ankle complex, an accurate diagnosis is key to determining an appropriate treatment regimen. Secondary causes are often at play, as is the issue in cases like poor fitting or poor quality shoegear. A diagnosis of a stress fracture can be a relatively easy one, yet determining what factors lead up to the stress factor, with an ultimate goal of preventing subsequent fractures, can prove more difficult.

As previously stated, an accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone to getting someone suffering from foot pain and fatigue back to normal as quickly as possible. We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly foot and ankle physicians sometime soon. You’ll find a tab to request an appointment and the phone number for our clinic conveniently located at the top of this page to get you started. We have convenient hours and always have same-day appointments available for those with immediate care needs.